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May 8 '18 at 3:32
Tradewinds Marketplace

Tradewinds Marketplace

jason harris
Are you joking? Terrible place to eat. Food is not worth what you pay...oh wait.....that is if they have food. I mean come on, learn how the restaurant business works. You have it on the menu...then you need to have it. I get when it is a busy day and you run out of one or two items. But soup? That is the easiest thing to keep up on. Then meats for your sandwiches, push dogs,hot dogs. Yes these are the things they did not have. I finally just asked for the small list of items they had. When we finally got something, it felt like we went to an artic circle. Not bashing artic circle but when I go there I know what I am getting. Paid too much for what little we did get. Oh yeah, they pretty much had cheeses burgers, salad, chicken........ just do yourself a favor and drive to Carl's JR.