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May 30 '18 at 21:01

Genting Palace

There's never anyone around to help you with the slot machines if they get stuck. One time I was at a machine without a chair and an elderly woman started dragging a chair over for the machine next to me. When I went to help her the attendant said, "Please put that back.". All I said was, " How come?" (In a puzzled tone of voice) and he replied, "Because I said so!" In a nasty manner. Which was totally uncalled for. He should have pulled the extra chair over which he was standing in front of (and blocking my view)for the lady instead of idly hanging out with another attendant who was fixing a machine. Very big turn off for this business. Not to mention it's dirty there( I've seen roaches) the rest rooms are disgusting most of the time during busy hours, and a lot of machines have buttons that don't function. The people at the food concessions are very nice. The casino in Yonkers is much nicer.