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May 20 '18 at 4:30
The gambling is very low end with not many pay outs. Now I've only been twice to the restaurant but that's only because the first experience was not good at all, it was like the main dish on my plate was the cheap hash browns...ND I got steak and eggs, the steak was funky and there was like two bites of eggs. The second time which was today, I got two breakfast burritos, and yet again very unsatisfied. I mean, a breakfast burrito is supposed to have eggs, there are absolutely no damn eggs on this thing it's like biting into a block of overcooked/discolored meat... even the salsa for the burrito they put on the side was discolored and bad.. Maybe it's the morning cooks...I don't know.. UPDATE, I left one of the burritos in the fridge until now, 9pm, I had went this morning around 8am, the second burrito was better after waking up from a nice nap, but still did not have any eggs on it, get to cracking man not everybody likes a full on meat burrito.. use some eggs it's not like they cost a lot and if you have over a dozen hens you can have a fair amount of eggs throughout the week so quit being stingy with the eggs. Anyways I'm going to up this rating by two stars only for the simple fact that the second burrito was kinda better..