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"madhathotrabbit mc"
I'm sorry that we didn't have the chance to stay. On my birthday 4/20/18 my husband and I went bar hopping in the evening. This was our second choice for a late cap 2 hrs before closing around 12 am. As soon as we opened the door to the bar I emidatly noticed a man and women dancing closely on the dance floor. A man sitting at the bar. As soon as I began to walk in the women proceeded to take off her shirt into her bra while dancing. Now if I were 10 yrs younger single wild or what not this would of not been an issue. However, in 33yrs old well just turned. Married 12 yrs and trying to reconnect with my husband on a dating level. I just figure if I want to see a women strip I would go to a strip club. So i said nope and we walked out. They tried to catch us not realizing us at first offering us a drink. No big deal in just obviously wasn't in the mood to watch a drunk couple be over zell. I guess tip don't go to this bar when no one is there after midnight. I will give it another chance soon and revise my rating. Peace love and lots of beer!