The Feast Buffet The Feast Buffet
Restaurant @ Palace Station Hotel and Casino
"Brandon Lloyd"
I enjoy coming here. Last time I was in Vegas, I was wanting to maintain a fixed budget ( I know, it's tough) so I was looking for a buffet that still offered quality without charging an arm and a leg. I went in for breakfast and paid like $6 with a rewards card that I got years ago. I came right before transition from breakfast to lunch by accident, but stayed a bit to check out lunch. Not bad. The food was good, good service and I was pleasantly surprised because typically priced that way would almost certainly equal garbage, but it was not bad. I even went the next day, this time for lunch and it was only like $1 or $2 more, still reasonable. If on a budget, and somehow manage to not exceed it in Vegas, this place is worth a shot.