Abuelita's Taqueria Abuelita's Taqueria
Restaurant @ Casino Del Sol Resort
"David Tooked"
Upon entering the gaming lobby, I was immediately hit with the nasty smell of cigarettes smoke. Not very pleasant. Not being a smoker it was a very strong smell. I totally understand why smoking is allowed, but it was such a turnoff. I went to the casino expecting to play roulette, but there was no roulette tables, not really sure why, but what can you do. I did however play the dollar slots. Had a good times and met some nice people. I was coughing like crazy the next morning, most likely due to the cigarette smoke. I have to give them a very low score, mostly because they put profits over health. I understand that smokers will spend more if allowed to smoke while playing. But the casino's should really consider what long term health benefits are at risk by allowing this habit to continue. If you are going to continue this habit then at least ensure there is proper ventilation.