Gillian Buono
The Atlantic Club The Atlantic Club
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Gillian Buono"
I have been a part of this establishment since my mother joined almost six years ago. There is continued evidence of transphobic behavior at The Atlantic Club. Management and owners have been made aware of this heinous offenses against my mother and have done absolutely nothing about it. Harassment at this level is unacceptable and the continued blind eye to bigotry will no longer be ignored. If the proper steps to remove a specific individual from this club are not made, my family and many in the Monmouth county community are going to raise hell. The media will know, law officials will know, that not only are you condoning harassment, you are condoning hate. Do you know what happens when hate is condoned? People die. Trans men and women, the LGBTQ community have been marginalized, abused, and killed for too long now. This is unacceptable treatment of a member of your club and you know what I’m talking about. Again if the proper steps are not taken, legal action will be.