Clubhouse Grill Clubhouse Grill
Restaurant @ Wildhorse Resort and Casino
"Mike Jordan"
I travel around the country for my job. As such I stop at many casinos as I pass through the different states. I usually stop at one a week even if it is only to take advantage of the lunch buffet. I am no expert on casinos or winning while at one, but you can pick up on the atmosphere just by walking around without playing. Are the people that are playing happy or frustrated? This will tell a lot, also all of the slots show you their last payout. So if you figure most people start with $20 and you see that most of the last payouts are less than $20 You can figure it's a losing day. Well I'm happy to say this casino was a happy place, there were a lot of slots and table games. The building and parking was first rate. Also a good amount of machines were above the $20 payout. I tried 4 machines and 3 if the 4 paid. The buffet didn't open until 4 p.m. on the Friday that I was there so I wasn't able to try it out. Over a it was a very nice casino, one that I will visit again.