Big Dex's Pizza Big Dex's Pizza
Restaurant @ Leelanau Sands Casino & Lodge
"Dillon Foley"
I've been here a couple of times to gamble, and it's mostly what you would expect from a small casino in northern Michigan. One craps table, a couple blackjack tables, a handful of other table games, and then a bunch of slots and video poker. The people working here are awesome; friendly and very capable dealers, and the bar staff is nice too. I haven't tried anything from the snack bar. I visited on a Saturday night over Memorial Day weekend, expecting it to be at least a LITTLE busy, but it was a very thin crowd. Only one half of the single craps table was open, and I think two other tables were open. If it's this quiet on a holiday weekend, I really can't imagine what a weekday would be like. Still, the dealers made it an enjoyable way to lose $200, so I can't complain too much!