Barbecue Barbecue
Restaurant @ Palace Casino Resort
Really beautiful view from our table on the back deck overlooking the ocean. Server was polite when greeting us. He took our appetizer order. Took about 10 minutes to come back with our waters and take our dinner order. He seemed a little busy with other tables so we weren't upset. Food took about 45 minutes to get to us. My wings were good and so were my boyfriend's ribs and beef. However, my fries were barely warm and wilting, obviously had been sitting out for quite a while. New ones were brought out which were good. We asked for a box and the check. Didn't get the check until 20 minutes after and the box 5 minutes after that. I understand servers being busy but if he can't handle the pace, he shouldn't be left in charge of so many people. And the restaurant didn't seem busy at all. Just him. Somebody help him out!