Barbecue Barbecue
Restaurant @ Palace Casino Resort
"Stephen Treadwell Jr"
I heard nothing but great things about this location which I decided to make 2 hour trip there with a friend. When we arrived, there was a sign that read: "Out of chicken, ribs, wings" We deiced to go ahead and stay. After speaking with the server, he mentioned that it would actually take longer than the recommended 4 hours they mentioned. After waiting for almost 30 minutes, I received my salad. I waited another 25 minutes or so the food arrived. The brisket was very dry, the macaroni looked and tasted old and the pulled chicken was not appealing. To say it was Memorial Day holiday, their staff should have been better prepared for the crowds in my opinion. I was very disappointed after deciding to stick it out and wait despite not having a large selection. In the future I hope this doesn't happen again .