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Restaurant @ The Mirage
"Re SpiritWeaver"
If you have food allergies, use extreme caution. They need new policies for cleaning the tongs they use. In the dessert area, the tongs were all in a pile and the ones being used for the nut dessert were obviously cross contaminating with everything else. If I had a nut allergy, I wouldn't touch any of the other desserts in that area. Also, in the area where they make you a pasta of your choosing, I had to ask if they could clean the tongs more carefully. The guy was using the same tongs he had just dipped into seafood to dip into the garlic and other choices. He was getting new tongs and a new pan for the next person, but it didn't look like he'd washed it very thoroughly. All the tongs were just standing together in a bin in the sink which I hope at least had hot water in it. He tossed in the dirty tongs and pulled out a fresh one from right next to it ready to go. He did do a more thorough job when i asked because I specifically said I was afraid I'd get sick. But still, I didn't ask for any of the other options I might have liked. I've never had that issue at an guu buffet before. Made me nervous.