Bobby Flay Steak Bobby Flay Steak
Restaurant @ Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
"Jim Hoffman"
Seating was very tight both entrees where cooked poorly menu was not descriptive regarding selection for example side of asparagus was supposed to be made with oil and garlic ours came with hollandaise no garlic (which we both hate) appetizer was good (burrata) service was not great although they where busy. I felt like I was at a fast food establishment eating food about on par with an outback. Not a fine dining experience at all. Meal was comped so I am not just upset because a bad meal was over $200 without drinks. Honestly, this place just isn't very good. I would recommend Wolfgang's or Angelina's when staying at the Borgata both are very very good. I think this is an establishment living off the hype of a cooking show. My wife and I have been to other Bobby Flay burger joints and that is more his speed (and very good) cooking for "fine dining" requires a different skill set and this experience clearly felt short at this establishment. The table next to me also had similar feelings. But they are turning four tables a night so I guess being popular is better than being good.