St. Germain's St. Germain's
Restaurant @ Casino Rama
"Duane Nguyen"
While writing this, my family and I are still waiting for a waiter after sitting here for more than 15 minutes. For starters, the service is terrible. I waited here for about an hour for a damn table. We made our reservation at 9 pm. And the man at the first desk said "10-15 more minutes" Despite all that we asked for a table for "5" people. After sitting at the bench outside the man called us. My aunt invited one of her friends and we asked if we could have a table for 6. And you know what the man said "we don't have that, we have tables for four." May I remind everyone that we reserved for 5 people and they only had tables for four. Terrible. I've ate here before too. Many waiters are rude and feel like they don't care.