Nita Khublall-Chang
Tropicana Las Vegas Tropicana Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Nita Khublall-Chang"
The rooms are alright - you get what you pay for, it's an old hotel. We are frequent Vegas visitors, so we get free rooms from time to time. During this last stay, we were given a $25 food credit to use each day for the 3 days we were there - they told us we could use the food credit on anything food related, even room service. Since we would be out along the strip throughout the day, we decided to use our food credit on room service for 2 days and then a bar downstairs for 1 day. On the last day, we used our $25 credit to purchase 2 lattes - which actually came up to $35 (just for 2 coffees!) When we went to check out, we were told we had a balance due, so I inquired about the charges. The charges were for all the food that we ordered - which we ordered so we didn't waste the credit. We were told that the hotel "constantly changes the rules" on how the credits can be used. They only took off the 1 meal we spent at the bar, but refused to credit us the room service charges. Side note - I stayed at this hotel in February 2017 and used my food credit on room service with no issues. In the end, I had to pay $66 for 1 breakfast burrito and 3 lattes! (isn't this absurd?!?!?!) Because of this experience, I don't want to stay at this hotel again. Also, this past weekend, 2 of the 4 hotel elevators would work at any given time - so it took a while to get to and from our room.