Hooters Hooters
Restaurant @ Tropicana Atlantic City Casino & Resort
"bob k"
I've been to at least 30-40 different Hooters, but this one is by far the worst.... the food is good, if you can even get it!!! We sat there for 15 minutes and no one ever even came to the table.... all the girls were just standing around talking, so we ended up getting up and walking out... I asked to see the manager, and the girl couldn't even tell me where he was, or was just trying to avoid me talking to him.... this was the third time at this Hooters that this has happened to me..... I love the wings and the food, but I don't know if I could ever go back to this one, and I'm at the Tropicana in AC at least once a week, if not twice every week.... I keep trying to go in there with the same result - horrible service.... absolutely the worst Hooters I've ever been to.....