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Apr 6 '18 at 4:11

Cedar Steakhouse

Franklin Walker
We went this week for our annual holiday party to this resort. What a beautiful location to meet everyone at. They have a wonderful hotel to which we really enjoyed their comfy beds and nice views of the waterfront. They also have a beautiful pool and hot tub with a wonderful view while you soak.....so nice. The casino is nice and had staff emptying ashtrays and picking up often so it was clean. They have smoking and non smoking areas too. They have a open sports bar music venue which our team danced and had some drinks in. It was a really fun venue. I know our whole team really enjoyed our company picking this venue to meet this year. Really pretty, really fun and we had a great time. I highly recommend you try it if you have never been. I know I will go back again for a date with my wife