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Restaurant @ Blue Chip Casino, Hotel & Spa
"Andrea Rodriguez"
The only reason this is getting two stars is because the staff that took care of the wedding did a good job. My fiance and I were staying one night at the hotel for a wedding and had more trouble with the hotel portion of the casino than was reasonable. After being told check-in time was 4 pm, we arrive at the hotel at 4 pm after a 5 hour drive from another state, only to be told to come back in 40 minutes because the room still wasn't ready. Unfortunately for us, the wedding we were there for was set to start at 515, and it took us an hour to get through the check-in line the first time through. We ended up having to call another family member to let us get ready in their hotel room before the wedding and then got our keys at 5 from the check in desk, just a few minutes before we had to be at the wedding. We ended up attending the wedding and didn't get to see our room until after it was over. The room itself was pretty bare as far as a hotel room goes: no thick comforter and no fitted sheets, just a regular sheet tucked over the mattress, and the washcloth in our bathroom had what looked like splotches of dried foundation on it. Upon check-out I went to drop off keys, assuming that was what we were supposed to do since there is a nice big box there that says "key drop-off." Instead I was told "you can check out this way but next time you need to call 0 on your room phone to do it, the way your doing it now isn't convenient for the staff or housekeeping." I was irritated at that point because we were not told to do this either time we talked to the staff during the check-in process. If all this wasn't bad enough, you are required to charge a $100 deposit upon check-in, which isn't the bad part since that is fairly common in many hotels. Our room was booked with a party and we had a total of two rooms, one for my family and one for my fiance and I. When my family checked in they told the staff to charge their room to credit card A, and that when my fiance and I arrived to charge that room to credit card B. When my fiance and I arrived they asked me if card A was my card and if that was the correct one to charge. I told her no and gave her card B to charge. After arriving home I get a call from my family, they had been charged for both rooms ($200) and upon checking my account I had also been charged $100, which means a deposit was paid for twice. When they called to speak to someone about it, they were told by a supervisor that there was nothing they could do. Naturally they asked to speak to the manager, at which point they were told there is no manager working there today, and that they (my family) should have just showed up a day early instead of staying just the one night (why would staying a day longer than we needed suddenly mean you could fix double charging a room deposit?). It was an extremely rude and inconsiderate comment to make. What casino hotel doesn't have their manager working on memorial day weekend when they are expecting a high turnover of rooms, or at least have them available to help handle something like this? I will never recommend this casino to anyone and we will never be coming back.