SEA: The Thai Experience SEA: The Thai Experience
Restaurant @ Bally's - Las Vegas
"Dominic Martinez"
Make sure to check Groupon to see if they still have their coupon going on to maximize your value when coming to SEA: The Thai Experience. The pricing otherwise is a little expensive for the amount of food you get, and also the quality. The atmosphere and decor of this place bumps this rating up from just an average restaurant. One of my favorite decorations that stood out to me was a still pond which makes you feel very calm and zen. It looked absolutely beautiful. The seating was comfortable. Once again, this restaurant looked very nice and gave off a calm ambiance, as if you were transported in another place, away from all of the craziness of the Las Vegas strip! The service was pretty nice and attentive. They were polite and helpful in assisting my party on what to get. The drinks were consistently refilled and we were checked on regularly. The food is where the experience fell a little short. Some of it was good, but for the most part, the quality of food is average. Nothing really popped out at me in terms of flavor, but it was still a decent experience. I would say that the appetizers were better than the entrees. For the appetizers, I decided to get some stuffed crab rangoons which was pretty good. The main entree I went with was the pad see ew, and it was average at best. Some of my friends ordered the pad Thai and they said the same thing. The atmosphere and ambiance make up for the lacking food, but it definitely holds value if you can find some coupons that knock the price down a little bit! On Groupon, the coupon I got was 2 appetizers and 2 entrees for $49, which was a pretty decent deal!