Oyster Bar Oyster Bar
Restaurant @ Palace Station Hotel and Casino
"Fiona Chow"
Favorite oyster bar in town! The other ones just don't compare. The wait can be pretty long sometimes, but it's definitely worth it. I have brought people here and after waiting 2 hours or more, asked them if they would go through that wait again. They always say YES! I go here AT LEAST once a year, if not more. I typically order the combo pan roast with pasta on the side, but I also like the Bouill-Roast for something a little different. The oysters are also fresh and delicious! Try them as oyster shooters as well. Love the staff! They're always friendly. Each chef seems to do the spicy levels a little differently, so be careful with that. I have ordered a spicy level 4 and received one of 6 or 7 before. I don't mind because I can handle spicy, but just a thing to note if you cannot!