Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Silver Legacy Resort Casino
"Hector D."
The servers are amazing!!! Ramon was the main reason the experience was tolerable. He was very attentive and made sure you were served well! However, the actual food/entrees are severely lacking. My $50 porterhouse was atrocious. It did not taste like a medium rare steak. It did not have any flavor. Honestly tasted like it had been previously frozen. If you are paying $49 for a porterhouse I would hope it would be as fresh as possible. My local butcher provides fresh, grass fed porterhouses at $13.99 per lbs and I can grill it at medium rare for way less than Sterling's price. The king crab legs were not worth the price. They tasted as if they were previously frozen. In fairness their description and price on the menu did not state they were fresh. However for $90 " market price" for king crab legs you would hope they would be as fresh as possible. That is not the case and your hard earned cash is better spent somewhere else. Somewhere else in Reno NV I do not know to be honest. All I know is to stay away from Sterling's so called steakhouse and seafood as it is neither! Find a decent restaurant place away from the tourist traps is my recommendation.