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Restaurant @ JACK Cleveland Casino
"Latiesha Parker"
I use to like this casino, but after today's experience my family and I will NOT be returning, I rather drive to Erie or Seneca. We experienced one of the most RACIST interactions. We took a picture with a fancy car that we had just seen a Caucasian family take with and was immediately ambushed by staff very rudely and continued to let the Caucasian family proceed to the casino . The first man instantly threatened us with the police as we were walking away and then another one called the manager that didn't even the witness the incident. I already told them that the picture was never saved but by then they came out with a dog on a group of women . I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant at that. Never again . I'm not going to spend my money anywhere that I'm getting a dog on sicked on me over a simple misunderstanding .