Bien Shur
Restaurant @ Sandia Resort & Casino
"Rene Thompson"
Right off the bat we were seated next to a large, already tipsy and noisy group and after waiting at least 10 minutes to be greeted by our server. When we finally got a chance to ask to be moved, the server seemed already bugged that we had. From that point on the service was horrendous while we watched other servers be personable and actually show up every once in a while to all the other tables in the room but us. Apparently if you're not spending enough for them to bother to do their job they will dote on everyone else but you. The poorest service for the cost expectation and had my birthday dinner ruined by the amount of time it took to wait on our waitress to show up at any interval of the evening. She came back once after our meals and had us waiting 20 minutes for her to come back to finally get boxes and our check. I didn't even want a birthday desert and just wanted to leave this over priced and over hyped crappy restaurant for good and never come back. I was a fine dining server and thought for what this place charges, the service could have at least been reminiscent of adequate, but can honestly say coming here was one of the worst evenings I have ever had the misfortune of mistaking would be a good time. And yes, this is a review for the restaurant at the top floor.