Bien Shur
Restaurant @ Sandia Resort & Casino
"Alan M"
5 stars for view 1+ stars for service. We were seated in the lounge area and although it was not very busy our service was quite disappointing after we placed our order. I had to go to other tables to get silverware and napkins. Our waitress forgot to bring the sides with the burger and we had to wait awhile. She never came to check on how the food was to see if we needed or wanted anything else which we did. We had trouble getting refills on our drinks which should have been easy as it was just water and diet coke. Then when we finally got our check it was a paid receipt from another customer, so i just guessed at a total and left some cash. I dont know if the service would have been better had we sat in the main part of the restaurant, but if not may just be worth going to have a drink at the bar and enjoy the view.