Joshua Morales
Showboat Atlantic City Showboat Atlantic City
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Joshua Morales"
It's a casino with restaurants inside. But of course that can be said for much of the hotel casinos in this area however I find that this one seems to be a little more cleaner than the others. I don't gamble myself but the atmosphere is nice and security was actually surprisingly friendly and helpful which I thought was pretty surprising. What sets this hotel casino apart from the rest is that this one has direct access to a shopping Plaza and you don't have to go out to get into the plaza either it's directly connected to the hotel casino. I've never stayed in the any of the rooms so I can't comment on that part. A really nice feature this hotel casino is that the parking is also directly connected to the hotel so even if it's raining outside you won't get wet traveling from the parking lot to the hotel casino.