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May 28 '18 at 15:13

Terrace Buffet

Angela Trombetta
Worst experience ever. Had my party of 8 smushed into a "party room" that smelled exactly like the bathroom and was so humid, i asoed the staff if they could raise the ac and got an audible eye roll. we felt like sardines the way we were crammed in there. Screaming kids running all over the place and no parents watching them, very overwhelming. Food was sub par at best and most of it tasted bland and had the consistency like it had been sitting out for hours, and we waited more than 30 minutes for refills. Then another guest at my table watched the staff fling food off the marble counters back into the hot dishes. Another guest found a hair in their food. Needless to say we all lost our appetites fairly quickly. Got an attitude from the "manager" (as she introduced herself the first time but somehow she was demoted in the 45 minutes we were there and when I asked to speak with her and clarified she was the manager she barely looked up from her phone to tell me she wasn't the manager and pointed at another guy). This has to be the worst establishment I've ever been to.