Casino Sports Bar & Cafe Grill Casino Sports Bar & Cafe Grill
Restaurant @ Santa Claran Hotel Casino
"Joe Joe Luna"
Update May 28, 2018, The casino got hacked and everyone with a credit card or debit card on file with the hotel needs to change cards or call the bank, I had been saying this place was poorly ran. I called this morning to see when the casino will be open starting today at 3 p. M. They sent me $15 free play for today only. Let see what happens......Housekeeping lady was rude. She tells me and my 3 year old daughter we can't look for her mom and then says we can. Justina u cannot be rude then nice. Update on May 15 2018. My wife recently quit her job here. I went last night to play my free play and they have the tightest machines I have ever been to. I was a problem gambler for 10 years and not 1 time have I hit a jackpot at this Casino. In which I played so much I was getting 8 free suites a month. And $50 a week free play which is the least I would get from the 3 Casinos I would play at. I have hit 8 jackpots of over 1200 at Ohkay Casino Hotel and Resort and played less. There promotions used to be way better. You make 30 points and I be eligible for a hot seat of 500 in cash and 500 in free play. Now it has been a joke for the last few years. All they give away is a couple cars every few months and they give 500 cash and 500 free play every Thursday through Sunday. But it takes 50 points to make 1 ticket which is equivalent to $250 of playing. And get this the same people get called everytime. I'm mean what casino doesn't have hot seat drawings. The food prices in the grill are almost as bad as there slots. I have also been carded for my ID more the last 6 months than my entire life. They have one good thing is the $6 burritos in there coffee spot but I did not see them yesterday morning. They probably did away with that to because there not making 1000% profit. If this review is helpful please mark it so thanks. And by the way I do have friends here and those nice people work at the hotel front desk. And for the hotel attendants you are under paid and there is know room too move up because your supervisors have you doing all the hard work and are on salary will never tell on each other because they will talk about you behind your back while your doing there work. Sad to see 2 of the 3 supervisors are a couple in which they are women so nobody wants to say anything and I won't put names but they should not have a monopoly.