Richard Birman
The Rialto Bar The Rialto Bar
Helena, Montana
"Richard Birman"
The Rialto is more than just a pool room it's also a sports bar and a great dining experience. The food there is excellent. You can also gamble there, they have have off track betting, and live poker. They have an area that I haven't been into yet call the Jack London bar and I believe you can also gamble there. Although I'm not sure what type of gambling is available in the Jack London bar. The only gambling I'm sure of is live poker and Off Track Betting. There are a few video poker games as well. The staff there at the bar and the servers in the dining area are very friendly, helpful and courteous. It is no chore at all to want to tip the servers more then the average tip I often leave 30 to 40% sometimes even more. The menu is limited but everything on it is delicious. If you choose to play poker there be forewarned that the play is fast. The chips move in faster than I am accustomed to playing. It is difficult, for me at least, to keep track of who is betting what and how much and how much is in the pot. There are multiple televisions around the pool room and dining area that played mostly Sports. Just ask your server or one of the other staff if they will change the TV channel in your area to a different Channel or sport and they are more than happy to do it. I would recommend this place to anyone over 21. There is also a place attached to the Rialto called Arthur's Diner where minors are allowed I think from opening to closing, it is where the food comes from that is served in the Rialto proper. Go and enjoy.