Ashley Carlisle
Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
"Ashley Carlisle"
We didn’t even get inside because the security wouldn’t let us in. He assumed that we came from the greyhound and because the greyhound has a bad bug problem we could not come in with our luggage. Now I would have understood the policy thing if he didn’t assume that we were dirty people with bugs. He went on to assume this for about 5 minutes and I asked what is a solution to our problem. He kept going on the said finally we could put our luggage in get this THE GREYHOUND WITH APPARENTLY A BUG PROBLEM. When I told my husband no, the security guard was so rude and condensing. Eventually I had my husband hold my bags so I could get Starbucks which that was also a mess. They were also rude. We’ve been around Cincy all day, met the NICEST people we have ever met and the nicest waiters ever. So we know it wasn’t us but people telling us we can’t come in because we probably have bugs from greyhound is by far the rudest most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard my entire life. I wouldn’t give money to this casino if I was on my dying bed.