Jennifer Kenyon
Three Rivers Casino and Hotel Three Rivers Casino and Hotel
Florence, Oregon
"Jennifer Kenyon"
Used RV free night, someone tried to break in to our truck. it's partly on us for parking right next to the stop sign side where all the traffic comes and goes. It was late/early, probably around 3 to 4 am when it happened, we were up until about 230 because we arrived late. They checked the door and that alerted my wife and they took off when they heard her get up and walk to the window (camper was attached), waited up the hill for someone to come out I guess, then they took off for good. They got spooked pretty easy so we weren't too worried they would come back, but it was a restless sleep after that... We didn't have any other issues with the casino, we think it was just a few individuals making bad decisions maybe under the influence of something. It would have been nice though if security drove around every so often. Regardless, just be aware of where you park and the kind of traffic going by at certain times.