Tommy Perkins
Sportsman's Royal Manor Sportsman's Royal Manor
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Tommy Perkins"
This company is literally the most disgusting underhanded company I have dealt with in the almost 30 years I have lived in Las Vegas. Not only has this place been known for people being shot or rooms burning down. They also have this worst lying management team I have have ever witnessed. This place preys on the poor. Big you care about your family you would not let them live here. Even if it is an uncle you despise. No one should be put through this mess. They do this thing were the first 3 weeks you are there they will tell you its okay to pay your rent anytime on the day it is due and if you don't pay it by 7 am the next day then you will owe a late fee. Then as you get closer to living there for 30 days 28 days to be exact they know the rules change and you don't pay taxes anymore. More importantly, you know to follow the rules of a regular apartment complex meaning they would have to file notice to move you out. So instead of letting that happen, they send guys with guns to your door screaming and yelling one hour after the rent has become due. Not only id this unethical it is also illegal. One something has been implied about a contract it becomes legally binding. But unless your phone records every message in which mine actually does. You really don't have a leg to stand on. And I actually witnessed this with my own eyes. On certain days you will see families with their belongings and children sitting around the complex with nowhere to go. If you talk to the employees at the pawn shop across the street they say it happens about twice a month because they will have lines of people spawning things to get a new place to stay. How can such monstrosities go on in a modern city like this? How long does the manager think he can get away with this before someone gets mad enough to end his existence or decide to have a shootout with the so-called Rambo security guards laurel and hardy. That's is actually what they look like lol. But anyway if it can be avoided I would walk the other way. As far as stars I give this one a negative 5 the app made me give it one. Run people and see this ridiculous excuse for a business closed immediately. I have never seen such a blatant misuse of the law in my life. Horrible disgusting I can't even think of a word horrible enough to describe this establishment. Just if you value your self worth and dignity stay away.