Paddock Pub Paddock Pub
Restaurant @ Golden Gate Fields
"Rick Whicker"
Beautifully kept place, the landscaping is wonderful, the paddocks are clean & organized. The grandstand is a bit unorganized. Many of the luxury boxes were missing chairs. There's several laser-printer signs taped to polls stating which section of box seats were reserved seating; Tacky. Numbers for the reserved boxes are cracked and/or peeled away. The general population area was actually kept cleaner than the clubhouse. I found the bathrooms downstairs to be nicer than the ones upstairs. It also didn't make much sense that several restaurants were closed on a Saturday. The staff all seem very friendly & helpful! Always bring a jacket because as the sun starts to set, the breeze directly off of the SF Bay gets horribly strong & chilly. Check ahead to see if any fog is expected because, when it does, you won't be able to see who won.