Maddie Lorant
River Spirit Casino River Spirit Casino
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Maddie Lorant"
Understaffed, all check out times for all 26 floors is at 11am, couldn’t find an elevator that wasn’t full, waited 20 min for before having to walk down 25 flights of stairs. bell hops had a wait of 45 minutes. Had no available roll away beds for two nights. Pool was annoyingly over crowded. The first night The staff kicked all my friends out after 2 complaints that were 7 hours apart and threatened to call the cops when we were simply just playing music that easily could have be turned down. We had a suite and the staff only allowed 2 people to stay in the whole suite. FORCING many of my friends to drive after a night of drinking. Went through same thing the second night bc we were “too loud” walking to our room. Did not even get a complaint the second night. They were just following us up to our room to kick my friends out, with no cause harassing us. Other than the the hotel is beautiful and had great views.