Marcy Rauterkus
Meadowlands Racetrack Meadowlands Racetrack
East Rutherford, New Jersey
"Marcy Rauterkus"
Something that is something I would change for sure... It is definitely to hard to hear any of the announcements over the speakers... one person on one side announcing names,,, another person announcing on the side,,,, giving everyone 5 minutes to get there... terrible if u have any hard of hearing,,then wheelchairs,,canes,,, walkers,,,,,,now we don't even go for drawings,,,,,, even if it means a car,,,or free play..... Entirely to confusing!!!! We live 5 minutes from Rivers and would drive to don't have enough non smoking tables for cards on weekends.... I tried to talk to someone about the announcements,,,,,he said no way to change contests,,,,,,SAD.... I am was a huge fan.... now we will go in middle of night..