Veracruz Veracruz
Restaurant @ Harrah's Resort Atlantic City
"LALA Gonzalez"
Went to Ac for my birthday Went to this restaurant on a Wednesday very slow day and asked to be seated near the window for a nice view I was told no server was avaible to service that section. Meanwhile the moment we realize the couple behind us was seated across from us at the same table we asked to be sat at. When I brought it up to the host attention she mention the server was picking up extra tables. I was very upset. Now meanwhile we still observing the menu and waiting for a server finally he came his name is HUGO very nice apologetic stand up guy. He took our order and was nice and attentive. Minutes later a young causaian came 15 mins saying sorry I took long can I get you something to drink we said we already have a server. She said oh I’m sorry . So Hugo over heard her and said well if u want it take it. So I didn’t want a server who was 15 mins late arriving to our table and HUGO gave her the table which was upsetting because he was a great server he brought the empanadas out and never saw him again, the server lady took our drink order of two Coronas which we never got because it was sitting at the bar opened and hot once we walked up to find a server to pay the bill She was no where in site and no where to asked if we needed napkins or return with our drinks. Hugo did all the work and was no longer our server.