Billy Beranek
Hon-Dah Resort Casino
Pinetop, Arizona
"Billy Beranek"
We went there for lunch and slots the restaurant was not very impressive. The small food buffet was not inviting nether was the desert bar. Looked like they order from the same place cheap Chinese restaurants do. We decided to eat at Jack in the Box on the way home that tells you the quality of the food at that place. So we started looking for slots to play on our way out. That place is the darkest casino I have ever seen. It's like a cave again not inviting at all. I found a slot to play but it would not except my $20.00 bill so off to another.......same thing 3 times in a row. What a great place to open a casino at least if you can't run a restaurant at least have your slot machines working to take my money. We noticed small drink cups on the top light on at least 20% of the machines hiding the flashing light bulb probably flashing "fix me" We have not been here in at least 3 years and now I remember why. If you ever want to see me in there again fix the place. From the beginning with a bulldozer!