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Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino - St. Charles
"Carolyn Kren"
For how much we paid for this room, we were expecting a stellar experience. Our Saturday night room rate, with tax, was $380. However, several things really shocked and disappointed us about our stay: 1. Around 9 am Sunday morning, someone (I can only hope it was housekeeping) entered our room without even knocking! They must have heard our voices and retreated back out before we could see who it was. Either way, this should NOT have happened!! I noticed that we were not even given a "do not disturb" sign to hang on the door, even if we had wanted to. But regardless if a sign was hanging on the door or not, they should ALWAYS knock before entering a room! 2. It seems we were only given ONE roll of toilet paper, and ran out in the middle of the night. Since my friends were all still sleeping, I didn't want to stumble around in the dark, find the phone, make a call, and have to wait outside in the hall for someone to bring some, so we used kleenex until I could call in the morning. But that's unacceptable to not have spare rolls of toilet paper in the room. 3. There were pieces of trash/litter in the hallway, and a room service tray full of half eaten food sitting in the hallway for hours, despite seeing hotel staff moving around on that floor constantly. Not to mention a giant used towel bin (from room service) sitting in our hallway overnight, from the time we checked in until the time we checked out (almost 24 hours). 4. The pool was unavailable to guests on Sunday morning due to them setting up for a party happening later in the day. This was very disappointing. 5. It seems they also messed up when they checked us out. My card was charged for my portion, as well as the balance for the room (which was supposed to go on my friend's card, which was on file). But both charges hit my card. Now I will have to call them and spend more of my time correcting this issue. For the price we paid for this room, we anticipated a top of the line experience. But instead it was one disappointment after another! When I told the front desk when we checked out, she apologized, but a discount on the room would have been better!