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Jun 9 '18 at 1:00

P.T.'s Place

It’s warm and inviting I like the Lil lounge area to watch games and stuff me and my friends meet for happy hour. Great specials to and some good wings! Today: 6/8/18 Why did the bartenders not one on the clock at the time 5:45-6:00pm didn’t tend to me and my friend who sat down at the bar and waited to be served? There were five other people who came in behind us and they were served first. I come here often idk why it was different today. I’m actually disappointed in the service from them two PTs employees never did this. P.s. I seen how you walked on the other side of the bar to talk to the other bartender and looked at me as you were talking to her she than turned her back. I hope it’s not cause we’re gay!?