Eagles Nest Restaurant Eagles Nest Restaurant
Restaurant @ Lake of the Torches Resort Casino
"Lionel Cartwright"
The energy and ambiance of this place is enough to make you want to leave as soon as you walk in. I purchased a burger and some fried macaroni triangles, which was actually very good. There were only two tables open. One was a $5 min, the other one $10. It appears that they do not know how to operate and establishment such as this. When I got there, I proceeded to go to guest services. I was greeted with "Can I help youšŸ˜¾?" instead or " How are you doing today sir?šŸ˜Š By the way the employees are presenting themselves, walking around with a scowl, not trying to greet you or be helpful in anyway as if they are working in a jail not a place that is supposed to make the customer feel welcome and comfortable. Being treated kindly goes so far in the service industry. Fortunately there's an easy fix. Education amd training, then progress reports on employees. Let the ones that hate life go. To easy