The Buffet
Restaurant @ Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel - Nogales Highway
"Anthony Garzon"
Best dive bar ever. The unique blend of people that come to The Buffet really define Tucson's culture. It's a place where people can come as they are to be who they are. Where the weights of social pressures and negative class barriers can be disregarded, while conversations of all sorts are sparked up between total strangers, otherwise conflicted to interact elsewhere. It's not fancy, so don't complain if your white wine gets poured in a red wine glass; maybe bring in your own glass. It's not gentrified, so deal with it. It's not new and hip, it's seasoned and cultured. The Buffet is special place where many come to seek a unique experience; a place were generations of history are literally written on the walls; a place to laugh, mingle, reflect, and be free. It is a bucket list place for many, full of insane stories, familiar faces, and unforgettable long nights or early mornings. To some, its just a bar, but to many... we call it "Home".