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Jun 10 '14 at 4:04

Kokopelli's Sushi Bar

Margaret Smith
I haven't had much luck with sushi restaurants. Not until I came into Kokopelli's Sushi. The wait was kind of long, but when the lady sat me down at the bar, all was forgiven! I believe my sushi chef's name was Lee. She seemed so happy and bright. Right after my friend and I sat down, she was bright and bubbly. She asked us how we were doing, and what we would like to start with. I took a bite out of my upside down shrimp, and my goodness! It was so delicious! All of the sushi was. Lee is a great sushi maker, and she is so friendly and nice. I am going to have to tell everyone I know to go to Kokopelli's Sushi. This place, I recommend to anyone who is a sushi lover looking for a warm welcome :-)