Kokopelli's Sushi Bar Kokopelli's Sushi Bar
Restaurant @ Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Reno
"Mandy Armstrong"
The food was horrendous. Nothing compared to the California sushi bars my best friend and I frequently go to. They deep fried the wrong sushi roll, not nearly enough sauce and it just overall tasted TERRIBLE. The wait staff was unfriendly to say the least. My friend and I decided to order A la carte and when we were ready to order my friend started to order and the RUDE lady says with a scowl "Just write it down" They messed up our order and we had to wait FOREVER. We waited a long time to receive our check, we did not have our drinks refilled and surely did NOT tip! We very much regretted spending any money or time at this sushi restaurant. There are many other fine eating establishments in Reno. We had great food at the Atlantis casino but not here! Do not go, save yourself the money!