Peter Eriksen
Spirit of Tasmania I
East Devonport, Tasmania
"Peter Eriksen"
Reasonably smooth sailing conditions on our first trip on this ship with only gentle rocking at the Port Phillip heads and for an hour or two afterwards. However, noise and vibration from engines was considerable, especially at the rear of the ship. This meant I didn't sleep for more than about 4 hours. Cabin temperature, beds and bathroom were good although a slight odour issue indicative of possible sub optimal ventilation. Update following return journey: I slept in same cabin (8244) and had even more trouble sleeping getting between 2 and 3 hours for the night. Despite recent refurbishment, the ship is 20 years old and seems like an old car that is being driven far too hard with rattles and vibration. Anyone who thinks this is like a cruise ship will be disappointed - it is more like an old river boat that is ok for a short trip but not for 10-11 sustained hours including sleeping. I noticed that on the rare occasion the engines were not running flat-out the vibration and noise level was actually acceptable so the solution could simply be to reduce the normal cruising speed slightly? If going on this ship book a cabin in the middle or front section of the ship. To do this requires ringing and a making a booking with a person rather than online where cabins are assigned automatically. The only real benefit of sailing to Tas - compared to flying - is the possibility to bring your own vehicle. The efficiency of boarding with a car could however do with improvement - we spent a long time in a queue with engine off. All round a disappointment which means I am more likely to fly and rent a car next time.