wayne crump
Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course
Youngstown, Ohio
"wayne crump"
Don't expect to win ever here, maybe one out of 100 people that go here win, very pathetic management. I would give this place less than one star if I could. This management needs to be fired ASAP, very greedy idiots. You cant confront them either, they are conveniently unavailable. I still am expecting a call, will never go back. I have given this place way too many chances. I don't mind losing at a casino, but losing every time I go gets old after the 100'-200 time gets old. Get a clue you morons. You ever wonder why they have 100 security guards in an area the size of a cafeteria? Maybe they are prepared for disgruntled people? Tight slots is an understatement, it is criminal how bad these are....