Nobu Nobu
Restaurant @ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
"Denae McCown"
Nobu was in Las Vegas was delicious, however, I feel like my mother and I were totally taken advantage of. First of all, they charged me for more waygu steak than we actually had--the reason I know this is because I took a video of the steak being lit on fire on the rocks). Also, when I ordered a bottle of wine I thought it was the cheapest on the red wine menu and I told our waiter that, however, somehow I got a $330.00 bottle of wine. He asked why I chose that wine and I said it was because that was the cheapest. Why did he not correct me? At the beginning of dinner we were looking at the chef special priced around $300 each--which we were more than willing to spend, we are foodies and we have no problem spending money on good food. After speaking to our waiter though, he persuaded us to go with a menu that the chef would put together for us. He said that we would get more "bang for our buck" and we would get to try more of the menu. He asked us questions and depending on our preferences--that is how the meal was created. Since he said we would get more bang for our buck, we went with this option rather than the $300 chef special. BIG MISTAKE. After a beautiful dinner, we got a bill of $1,300.00. Yes you read that right, $1,300.00 FOR ME AND MY MOTHER. I was full, but not thirteen hundred dollars full. I will never be going back to Nobu and feel we have been totally taken advantage of.