Amy Hunt
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Sand Point, Alaska
"Amy Hunt"
We just had the most horrific dining experience we have ever had ( and my partner is a server). We arrived at 4:50. Our server arrived at 5, and told us dinner service didn't start until 5. The busser told our server that it actually was 5. She brought us our dinner menus. Paused. And muttered that she was going to say something, but she forgot. She took our drink orders and wandered off. (Let me add... there were two other tables at this time). She brought our drinks in a slow, but reasonable time and took our food order. That was the last time she visited us for 45 minutes. In that time, one table left and another couple came in. A gentleman, who turned out to be a manager, came in and took that couple's order. Meanwhile...we're still waiting for any attention 30 minutes in. Our drinks are gone. We have no food. At 45 minutes she brings us bread. At an hour, we flag her down and I politely say that an hour is a long time to wait for no food and one drink in an almost empty restaurant. She apologizes and it still takes another 15 minutes to bring us our food. By then, we were hungry and frustrated and asked for it to go. She brought us our bill. We immediately put out our cards. We waited for 15 minutes, during which she walked past us 3 times (again, only two other tables in the restaurant)and we watched a woman walk past us twice with our boxed up food. We finally stood up, put 10 dollars cash on the table to cover our drinks and walked out. We made no secret about it. We stood up, held up our cards and walked out. The manager followed us out. We said we were not waiting anymore. We pointed to the house we were staying at when he threatened us, and walked home. Almost 2 hours later, the POLICE knocked at our door. He threatened to take us all to jail. Two of our party walked back to the restaurant, still refusing to pay for the food and service we never received. We were more than willing to pay for any difference between the 10 dollars we left and the drink tab. The manager first refused to acknowledge the 10 dollars we left and then said that it didn't count for the drink tab because it was left "as a tip" ( for nonexistent service). We paid the full drink tab and left. We were disgusted. The cop was disgusted. I've been coming to this same spot with my family for years. While I know my business wont make or break you, I will never come to your restaurant again. I've never seen anything like this.