Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill
Restaurant @ Caesars Atlantic City
"Danielle Alsept"
I had wings and fries. The wings were pretty good. The truffle sauce for the fries was okay. Definitely not worth the $30 (before tip) that I was charged for six wings and French fries. The name on the building really jacks the prices up. My one real complaint though is that the service was absolutely terrible. Any time someone at our table needed anything we had to flag our waitress down. She never checked on us. Even though we were seated right next to the station where she was entering orders she never even looked our way. I tried politely raising my hand a bit when she walked by and she never took notice. I actually had to shout excuse me at her anytime someone in my party needed something. I was vacationing with my mom and sister. My sister said the vegan options they had were pretty good but my mom said the steak out the Outback is better. We all agreed the strawberry lemonade a basil drink she ordered was disgusting.