Centennial Steakhouse Centennial Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Zia Park Casino
"Listening Pearls"
Well, where do I start. First I wasn't planning on writing a review, but things just added up. For a start the prices are pretty high for a mid level hotel. Upon arriving on a Saturday night, try to find a parking spot anywhere near the hotel. Then try to eat your extremely minimal breakfast in the morning, like making your own waffle, where the assistant already warns you ahead; "One cup of waffle mix is not enough". But, after creating a huge mess telling you; "Two is too much though. It happens all the time." The most funny thing? You will be charged an additional $10 per day, for the above breakfast(upon booking you will be told, breakfast is included, though it's not being mentioned, it's at a surcharge) and other things you basically don't need or use, like a newspaper available in the lobby. But, they pretend you will get all that stuff "for free". We didn't get the two generous mini bottles of water in our room anyway. We did enjoy 3 fire alarms due to the same people partying and smoking in their room. But, no security arrived to stop it and neither was there any announcement as to why the fire alarm went of nor a soothing message after that telling you it was a false alarm. No, you're on your own trying to figure out if there was an actual fire or not. After our first night (of 2), no housekeeper ever arrived to check on our room to maybe exchange towels, water, tea or coffee. When arriving back home we noticed we forgot something in our room, which we then immediately informed the hotel about. Only after two weeks and several reminders, they were able to keep it short. Nothing was discovered in lost and found from our room number. What can you expect?! After two weeks! Then I get approached online, which I reply to, but again nobody comes back to me. Stay away. Room Tip: Get as far from the casino and parking as possible.