Kilina Jellel
Northfield Park Racetrack Northfield Park Racetrack
Northfield, Ohio
"Kilina Jellel"
My boyfriend and I have been here several times. The service is less than desirable. The servers carry around bottles of water and soda that is water down. Most of the time they do not have Coke and most of the time they have bad attitudes. However we have had a very good time there several times we choose to eat at the small deli restaurant when you walk in the north side. And we have eaten at the Hard Rock Cafe that was decently priced it was a $15 cheeseburger . We have also went to the casino buffet it was mildly disappointing one time but for the most part it is decently priced with relatively good food. The service is nice. We have both hit a jackpot there but I believe that the payout on most of the machines are around the 84% tile being the least legally allowed by Ohio State law. However it's a game of chance and luck and we can all get lucky sometimes. Thank you for reading my review.