DJ's Steak House DJ's Steak House
Restaurant @ DiamondJacks Casino & Resort
"Kimberly Stone"
We have been here many times. Love the casino, today we decided to go eat at the buffet... Our server, Ayn was not very attentive, due to having a large group of people at another table. We were a party of two. My husband and my tea was very low, and we kept waiting for her to come refill them. She passed by many times, finally asking after 30 minutes of waiting. She said she would be back. Another server, ended up getting us tea. Our lady eventually showed up with the tea. As she went to place it on the table, she spilled the whole glass of sweet tea all over my husband. He jumped up and the lady apologized, and then she began to clean his leg and thigh. She literally was almost kneeling doing this as he kept telling her that he was fine. No manager was notified, however all the diners around did see what had happened.